About Danish Renewable EnergyWith 2200 Danish cleantech companies, 106,000 employees and a 32 billion Euro annual turnover, Denmark is one of the world's leading clean-tech centres.

The Danish government has the goal to be completely independent of fossil fuels by 2050. The Government has ambitious 2020 targets such as reducing gross energy consumption by 12% compared to 2006, renewable energy having a 35% ratio amongst all and 50% usage of wind energy for Danish electricity consumption.

The Danish economy has grown 70% while energy consumption has remained largely unchanged. The sustainability parallel to economic growth in the last 25 years showcases the Danish excellence for the renewable energy sector. Cleantech has been the fastest-growing sector of Danish exports in recent years and exports are expected to grow 400% in the next five years.

Denmark's excellence for renewable energy matches Türkiye's 2023 strategic goals. For 2023, Turkish government aims to generate 30% of its electricity demand from renewable energy sources which makes Denmark a great strategic partner going further.