AltacaAltaca Energy is a company focused on creating solutions to energy shortage problems by developing sustainable technological processes.

The potential offered by biomass for solving some part of the world’s energy problems is widely recognized. The energy contained in biomass can be utilized either directly by combustion or by converting the biomass into biogas for generation of electrical power, or into liquid fuel to be used for transportation. The developments undertaken by Altaca are targeted on creating knowhow in the field of utilizing the energy captured in biomass into useful energy forms that can be used directly in daily life. Altaca Energy has been operating a pilot facility since 2012 at its premises in Gebze, outside of Istanbul, Turkey and has under construction a demonstration plant in Gonen, Balikesir, also in Turkey. The biogas facility of the demonstration plant was commissioned in March 2014 and the biogas produced is used to generate electricity which is being fed into the National Grid. The Catliq® (Catalytic Liquefaction) part of the plant is currently under construction and it is planned to be put into operation by the end of 2014.