WhatsApp Image 2023 03 10 at 10.40.42 2Since the earthquake struck Turkiye and its neighbouring countries last 6 February, Vestas has deployed a Crisis Management Team on the ground to support our impacted colleagues and their families.

The team firstly focused on identifying and securing the safety of employees in the affected areas. The team has also worked ceaselessly to support the local communities where needed, as well as to secure the technical integrity of our fleet to maintain electricity production.

1) First and foremost, Vestas' efforts were centered on identifying and localizing employees in the region. It is with deep sadness that one of our colleagues died following the collapse of a building in Hatay during the earthquake that struck Turkiye on Monday 6 February.

2) Relief Efforts: During the first weeks following the earthquake, the first priority of the Team was to secure the safety of the employees and families, by providing alternative shelter options, including opening up some of the service centers in the region and mobilizing transportable containers to temporarily accommodate those in need.

Several actions have been carried out to support both Vestas' employees and the communities in coordination with AFAD (Ministry of Interior). Vestas has collected all humanitarian aids in Adana Warehouse and distributed based on the needs assessed in each location. In general, these include water, food, blankets, heaters and winter clothes, fuel and satellite phones.

Other Vestas offices in the region are also lending support. Greece and Cyprus have sent through packages of water, food, sleep items, and sanitary supplies. The Vestas Warehouse Team Leaders across MED are coordinating the distribution efforts.

3) Rescue efforts: Vestas has contributed actively to Red Cross with their disaster relief team having travelled 6 February from Denmark to Turkiye.

Several Vestas colleagues have donated their time and effort on the ground to support relief activities in Hatay. Everybody's effort and commitment have been worth mentioning. Vestas Balde technician, Ceyhun Ay, who is certificated in search and rescue tasks, actively participated in the efforts saving people throughout the first days that followed the earthquake.

4) Securing power supply: Vestas has over 2 GW of installed capacity in the region, of which a big share is in the affected areas. Only one wind farm was fully disconnected from the grid due to earthquake damage. Turbine health inspections were completed and all of them are in operations now.