1.1 EYODER logo EN JPGWe would like to welcome a new strategic partner, EYODER that joined our Danish Green Growth Network in April 2023. Their partnerships with the Network will help to raise awareness on energy efficiency and management in cooperation with EVG, ESCO and EPC companies.

EYODER was established in 2010 and is a non-governmental organization working for the development of the Energy Efficiency and Energy Management sector.

In Turkiye, EYODER aims reducing energy import and external dependency, ensuring supply security, Supporting the protection of the environment and the fight against climate change, Fighting energy deprivation, ensuring energy justice, and Mobilizing domestic resources, increasing employment, accelerating R&D studies.

The association brings together the Energy Efficiency Consultancy (EVD) companies, Energy Service Companies (ESCO) and stakeholders dealing with this issue, raises awareness on energy efficiency and disseminates the "Energy Performance Contract (EPC)" based on the principle of financing Energy Efficiency investments with savings.

EYODER is the only NGO in Turkey where EVD Companies are represented.