KE FIBERTEC Logo payoffKE Fibertec AS develops, manufactures and markets "good indoor climate" or air distribution systems based on fiber technology and sustainability. The foundation of KE Fibertec goes back to 1963, when Keld Ellentoft (KE) began manufacturing filter bags for industry.

Expertise and Development

We have our own fully-equipped full-scale laboratory enabling us to visualize solutions using smoke and to perform tests. It is also possible for us to build a full-scale model of a specific room in order to simulate various load situations. Whatever the scope of the project, our experienced and dedicated R&D staff is ready to document the solution.

Sustainability and Environment

Respect for the environment is common sense - and good business. At KE Fibertec we care about the environment and about energy. We want to make as little harm to the environment as possible both in production and in transportation of our products - and at the same time we have launched a number of in-house energy-saving initiatives to limit the CO2 emission.

From fiber to finished fabric

KE Fibertec is the only manufacturer in the world who weaves all fabrics used for our ducts in our own weaving mill, KE Fibertec Væveri AS. This is the only way that we can ensure that the materials have been tested and meet the stringent quality requirements we set.

KE Fibertec develops and markets three main TBV product groups, which can all be supplied in three different geometries. In passive low impulse systems, the air diffuses through a permeable material. In high impulse systems air is distributed solely through holes (KE-Inject System) or nozzles (KE-DireJet System). The hybrid models are a combination of the passive low impulse systems and the lasered Inject holes or DireJet nozzles.