Intercontinental Wind Power Congress 2015InterContinental Wind Power Congress - IWPC 2015 is going to be organized with the support of European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) in Istanbul between March 30 – April 2, 2015 under the organization by the Turkish Wind Energy Association.

4.000 local and international participants from around 20 countries are expected to join the Intercontinental Wind Power Congress-IWPC 2015, very first of which will be organized in March 2015 and later be held on a regular basis. On the occasion of this congress, stakeholders of the industry, who are devoted to the wind power from several countries in the world, will have the chance to witness once again the power of wind energy with the same enthusiasm and objective in Istanbul, the city bridging the continents.

The Congress and Exhibition aims to play a critical role in further promoting wind energy by hosting all leading players of the sector, high level government officials, relevant public and private entities, financial and research institutions, representatives of non-governmental organizations, as well as academics. Under the scope of IWPC 2015, major economic issues and policies will be discussed at the “Ministers Session”, with the participation of the Ministers of respective countries, recent sector-specific developments will be shared through the presentations of more than 120 national and international speakers, products of turbine manufacturers, representatives of the industry, large and small scaled national and international investors will be exhibited and furthermore, investment opportunities will be utilized through one-to-one meetings.

Turkey, as one of the fastest growing wind market, is going to be a meeting point for all the leading players of wind power that they will be able to exchange views, share best practices, technologies and innovations, as well as seek new investment opportunities.

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