Group LogoWe would like to welcome a new member, Bayramoğlu Group Company that joined our Danish Green Growth Network in July 2021. With their presence in the Network, we aim to raise awareness on offshore opportunities and equipment supplying the potential of Turkey. Bayramoğlu Group, in collaboration with DGGN, would like to share knowledge and best practices and make connections to enlarge the green network with Danish green growth stakeholders.


Bayramoğlu Group is the local partner of Resolux Group in Turkey. In 2019, they joined forces and started to manufacture Electrical Internals of Wind Towers. Resolux Turkey provides cable grouping, lighting products, various panels, e-module, elevator, packaging, and product exchange services for the wind energy sector.

Bayramoğlu Group is also the local partner of the Spanish Barga Group in a separate location in Turkey. With the cooperation, it is started to provide Mechanical Internals of Wind Towers in 2018 and works mainly on exports. It successfully continues the production of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum products for all welded and non-welded internal and external parts of Onshore and Offshore wind turbines. This joint venture company is the first and the only one in Turkey which provides kit set solutions to Offshore wind energy sector.

One of the most important services provided by these collaborations is the localization service. Localization, ie domestication, is the process of adapting a product or content to an alternative product in the local market. Localization is an important part of every new foreign market entry because it allows the brand to speak the same language as potential customers.