BWSCBWSC is a global turnkey developer, contractor and operator of customised engine and boiler-based power plants. Our history dates back to 1846. Our ambition is to provide high-efficient and reliable energy while ensuring low environmental impact and low cost for the power plant owner. Within the last four decades, BWSC has supplied more than 180 power plants to 54 countries with a total generating capacity above 4,100 MW. At BWSC, we can assist our clients throughout all or specific phases of the power plant's life cycle from project development and financing to construction, operation, maintenance and service.

Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S delivers:

• complete power plants within:
• Biomass
• Waste-to-Energy
• Hybrid (optimised mix of engine/boiler/solar/wind/storage)
• boiler islands
• operation, maintenance and service

We can supply all above to Turkey, but a perfect fit would be a facility similar to Snetterton in UK We have built and operates the 44 MW straw fired power plant, making sure, that we everyday supply reliable power to the surrounding 75,000 homes and business.

Developer and investor

BWSC is also an experienced developer of and investor in power plants. Hands-on experience and full rage of in-house competences enables us to support our partners in all aspects of project development – from potential lead to project implementation and everything in between. Making sure the project is bankable, we serve as contractor and deliver operation and maintenance for the plant's lifetime.

Green journey

Counting on our vast and diversified capabilities and experience, BWSC believes we can contribute to Turkey's successful green journey and developing green collaboration between Denmark and Turkey – especially within biomass and waste-to-energy.


Contact Details:

Mr. Volkan Cebe, Head of Sales, Middle East

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.