1BSNkqbi20 8bh5uTVVcNAVironance Technology is the novel coronavirus neutralizing technology in the world!

PLUSSMARTE, an innovative high technology company announces the global launch of its virus disabling "Vironance" technology.

PLUSSMARTE, a Turkish & Danish company (Smarte Teknoloji ve Enerji San Tic. A.S.) based in Istanbul Turkey and Copenhagen Denmark (Plussmarte Danmark ApS) finds itself at the forefront of the fight with the Coronavirus. PLUSSMARTE is a 7 years old high-tech company operating its R&D in a techno city located at Istanbul Technical University campus. The company's expertise in development of sensors and remote control technologies, rapidly transformed the company to be one of the leading regional energy management companies. Currently PLUSSMARTE controls more than 1,500,000 square meters of retail space for energy usage.

In the early days of the Corona pandemic, PLUSSMARTE research group and its affiliates while investigating a possible sensor system for virus detection, developed a key technology that renders Corona virus inactive. The key theory behind the developed approach is to utilize the Electromagnetic (EM) energy that is tuned at a certain frequency to excite the airborne and surface attached viruses. Under EM excitation the viruses vibrate according to the frequencies used in relation with viruses' dipole characteristics, enforcing the viruses to enter to a resonant state. In the suggested model, applied EM energy creates vibration over the surface of the viruses continuously at several billion times per second, structurally stressing and rendering the virus inactive. PLUSSMARTE named the technology as VIRONANCE to encapsulate the idea of resonance of the virus in a single descriptive word.

The engineering group in PLUSSMARTE is working heavily on transferring the developed technology into engineering designs that can be used in multiple locations and scenarios. PLUSSMARTE Co-founder Melih Ballikaya describes the task as: " as PLUSSMARTE, we had the know-how and expertise to build industrial IoT devices for air quality and energy management which lead to the development of a wireless technology to inactivate the Corona family viruses. Initially we had the challenge of figuring out how to resonate the viruses in the air and other mediums to incapacitate them; now the challenge is to reach out and deliver solutions to the billions of people who are living under the threat of a deadly infection. To achieve this goal we are also actively looking for global partnerships from all industrial segments to minimize the spread of the pandemic. "

"We have already tested the effectiveness of our designs in accredited laboratory affirming its capability to inactivate the Corona family virus. Although this is a huge event in the fight against the Corona pandemic we are considering that we are just at the initial steps of a big research quest. We are continuing on testing our designs on multiple viruses and different scenarios, additionally our group is looking into medical usage and treatment potentials. Our legal group has already secured a spectra of international patent applications. Trusting in VIRONANCE technology, although the pandemic created a global economic devastation, we invested to expand our workforce, scientific and industrial capabilities. Our scientific group is
looking for research partners not only to further investigate the details on the inactivation process but whether we can target the wider spectra of pathogens." adds Mr. Ballikaya.

VIRONANCE is a promising technology that opens new development areas promoting a large number of applications. It is further possible to develop the VIRONANCE technology as a medium to transfer data and supply communications as an IoT module with mobile devices and home appliances while carrying out its antiviral function.

We strictly follow the standards, directions and recommendations established by IEEE, WHO, and local authorities in the development and application of our products and services.

You can reach the video about Vironance technology from the link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRUB2SBkQpU 

To be able to get the scientific research report about this unique technology, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


PLUSSMARTE (https://www.plussmarte.dk/index.html) was founded in 2013 to provide energy efficiency in homes and offices. The company's expertise in development of sensors and remote control technologies, rapidly transformed the company to be one of the leading regional energy management companies. PLUSSMARTE controls more than 1,500,000 square meters of retail space for energy usage.

In the field of retail building automation, PLUSSMARTE, while managing end-to-end energy and air quality, with its domestic and patented sensor technologies, performs real-time measurement of vital information for human health and ambient comfort such as temperature, humidity, light, pressure, CO2, VOCs etc.

Vironance, the company's latest solution, promises great hope to neutralize viruses that deeply affect our lives such as H1N1, H3N2, SARS, MERS and especially coronavirus in our everyday lives. Continuing its activities in a techno city located at Istanbul Technical University campus, PLUSSMARTE has an office in Denmark.