logo 2In their 20-year retailing adventure, Smarte managed to save up to 35% energy and manpower smart products within the framework of the project to reduce operating costs and employee burden for Teknosa.



Teknosa is the widest and most well-known techno-retailer in Turkish Market with a 200-store and has 105K sqm net sales areas in 68 cities. Teknosa stores take nearly 200 million visits per year.

• The Smarte's system was commissioned in 60 stores of Teknosa.
• Main entrance and air conditioning consumption monitoring system was installed with 150 Smarte Modbus R1 Reader devices.
• Lighting and socket control system was installed with 90 R1 Control devices.
• 150 IR Blaster climate control devices were installed.
• The sensor device is positioned for temperature, humidity, pressure and air quality measurements.
• Camera system integration was achieved and heatmap was created by installing 60 Smarte Image Process Server systems
• A customer counting system was installed with 100 IP Cam X devices.
• Another feature that distinguishes Smarte from its competitors in this project is that it is a system that lives together with the people in the store, unlike the classical automation system, it has the ability to decide according to the store situation instantly.
• Teknosa management and Teknosa store employees made positive feedback that rapid technical support was provided and their work was easier.

Customer Problem

• Employees have to turn off the electricity manually when the store is closed.
• HVAC is left on when store is closed and no sensors to set the right temperature and humidity
• No monitoring for energy consumption.
• Difficulties analysing the number of customers
• High amounts on invoices.
• Difficulties on following air quality.
• Hard to follow up inventory properly.

Customer Challenge

• TV units work even none is in the store
• Lack of automation. Employee involve needed.
• Lack of sensors to control HVAC system.
• Stores have old infrastructure
• No historical digital data for energy usage or even bills.

Our Solutions

• HVAC Control
• Lighting Control
• TV Unit Control
• Heatmap
• People Counting
• Sensors
• Digital twining

Customer Benefits

• Reduced energy use
• Centralized monitoring for Multistore
• Monitoring sites consumption
• Remote control
• Time saving
• Keep the comfort and productivity for both employees and customers
• Pay as you save financial model


• Smarte integrated systems managed to control 70% of consumption
• Energy Consumption reduced by %37.
• 3M kWh, 11250 tons emission
• 56250 trees saving in a year
• Cooperation with Teknosa is based on a successful ESCO business model.

ESCO Stages








Digital Twin

Preparing digital twin and energy modelling of the store helped us to figure out how and where to increase energy efficiency.

The HVAC, lighting and energy usage were controlled by our smart sensors (VoCs, Temperature, Humidity) that being placed inside the store, and be ensured the optimum environment conditions for employees and visitors. While increasing the efficiency of the store with our People Counting and Heatmap solutions, we integrated this data with our energy management solution to save energy by turning off TV units during off-peak hours. We helped Teknosa to maximize profitability by increasing store efficiency, saving cost with less energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions