logo 2We would like to welcome a new member, SMARTE Technology and Energy Turkey that joined our Danish Green Growth Network in June 2020. With their presence in the Network, we believe that there will be increasing cooperation for innovation and technology among SMEs and start-ups producing smart solutions in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals both in Turkey and Denmark.


Smarte is a tech solution company focusing on creating more efficient spaces by combining innovation alongside health and energy technologies.

Smarte develops plug and play devices, smart sensor technologies and digital solutions. Smarte provides 360° Energy Management Solution with using own devices and environmental sensor technologies, measuring real time data and combining it with thermodynamic analysis using Smarte Analytics Platform. It helps digitizing the working spaces and taking data-driven decisions. Main objective is to provide healthy, efficient and sustainable environments with minimum human intervention.

Smarte helps top retail chains for energy and store efficiency and its solutions used in 1,5 Million m2 . Smarte's management and R&D offices based in Istanbul Turkey and for global operations has another office in Copenhagen Denmark.


A greener and healthier world focus

The intention is to invest in its own technology to increase the collaborator's efficiency with minimum human interference requirement, make their environment more connected and healthier, reducing the energy consumption. Smarte aims to reach more collaborators all over the world to build a better future together. The vision is innovating for a greener and healthier world.


Green innovations

Smarte is a "Green Company" which constantly develops plug and play devices and digital solutions for humanity and nature. Efficiency is our most favorite word. By relying on our technology, and share the risks with the appropriate financial structure through the savings revenue sharing model. We establish long-term relationships with our clients on reliability and trust.

Sustainability and environmental protection are the key factors in our work. By creating clean energy that will last for decades, we strive to make sure that the projects we develop and measures we implement help not only our clients but wider communities and their environment as a whole.

Please, visit their website to know more about: http://plussmarte.dk/