DESMI DESMI is a global company specialised in the development and manufacture of pump solutions for marine, industry, oil spill combating, defence & fuel and utility both locally and globally.  Further DESMI develops and sells ballast water treatment systems globally for the removal of living organisms from ships' ballast water.



Our product range supplemented with agency products from other leading, world class manufacturers – is completed by related services such as the design and installation of pump plants, oil spill recovery and after sales service through our network of service centres.

The DESMI pumps and oil spill response systems are sold to more than 100 countries via a network of subsidiaries and distributors on six continents.

In order to meet future customer demands for more complete systems, including DESMI pumps and full range of proven oil spill equipment, we are providing solutions and systems as well as single standard pumps or components. With focus on the individual needs from our customers we are providing solutions based on proven technology.

Oil Spill Response:

A full range of state of art equipment for Nearshore, Offshore and Deep water requirements; Booms, Skimmers, Pumps, Floating storage barges, Dispersant Spray Systems & Workboats

Marine & Offshore:

Pumps and pumping solutions, ballast water treatment systems, energy saving systems, cargo pumps and fire-fighting systems.

DESMI facts:

·         One of Denmark’s oldest companies founded back in 1834

·         A leading supplier of complete pump packages and systems

·         Local and Global sale and service

·         Top-grade quality

·         29 locations in 16 countries

·        +600 employees

·         2 factories

·         1 foundry

·         3 distribution centres 


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